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Forklift Handling Namibia have always been the front runner in providing our clients with the best possible service. We understand that buying a forklift for your business isn’t just about the price, but the back-up service and parts available to you.

With our 30 years experience and trained staff we are all about providing you with just that. We guarantee a professional hands on service anywhere in Namibia that won’t break your budget. To us, every client matters.

TCM Forklift

We Offer

Sales - New

Our forklift sales team have the tools and experience to help you meet the needs of your business.

Our inventory is large and comprehensive, able to meet a wide variety of demands. 


Forklift Handling has over 30 units in its short-term rental fleet, whereby equipment Is hired out to customers on a short-term rental basis.

Guaranteed support 24 hours, 7 days a week.


We offer maintenance, repairs and service of our own equipment in the field, where rental and maintenance contracts are in place.

We also provide field services for all our clients across the country.

Sales - Used

Used equipment is either sold partially refurbished, fully refurbished, or alternatively in its current state.

All refurbished equipment is refurbished back to factory standard specifications.


Our branches have fully fledged workshops which provide technical
support to customers’ equipment.

We also cater for rebuilds and refurbishments on our site.


We ensure exceptional availability in respect of OEM forklift parts and supply of parts to our workshops.

Counter sales catering to the needs of both OE and after-market customers.

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